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How Do I Prepare A Track For Stem Mastering?

The best way is to bounce / export your track into 4 – 12 stems from start to finish bypassing any compressors and limiters that you may have on the master bus. Please make sure the tracks that you send are not peaking above 0db ( preferably -3db ). The best way to arrange stems depending on your track is as follows.

Electronic Music Live Musician / Band
Stem 1: Kick
Stem 2: Snare
Stem 3: Hats
Stem 4: Perc
Stem 5: Drum Fill
Stem 6: Sub Bass
Stem 7: Bass 1
Stem 8: Bass 2
Stem 9: Lead 1
Stem 10: Lead 2
Stem 11: Fx
Stem 12: Vocal
Stem 1: Drum Kick
Stem 2: Drum Snare
Stem 3: Drum Overheads
Stem 4: Drum Room
Stem 5: Bass Guitar
Stem 6: Electric Guitar 1
Stem 7: Electric Guitar 2
Stem 8: Instrument 1
Stem 9: Instrument 2
Stem 10: Lead Vocal
Stem 11: Adlibs
Stem 12: Backing Vocals
Stem 1: Drum Bus
Stem 2: Bass Bus
Stem 3: Lead Bus
Stem 4: Vocal Bus
Stem 1: Drum Bus
Stem 2: Guitar Bus
Stem 3: Instruments Bus
Stem 4: Vocal Bus


How Should I Send My Files?

bounce all stems at 16 – 24 – 32 bit Stereo Wav 44,100 khz ( preferably 24 bit ). Aiff, Flac and other high quality file formats are accepted as well as 48khz, 88.1 khz, 96khz. (compress the multi track stems of every channel in your mix into one zip, far or dmg file before uploading)

What is Stem Mastering?

Stem mastering is like our mastering service, however, you will send us multiple stems, normally your main mix buses, for instance, drums, vocal, instruments, bass and FX, which allows the mastering engineer much more control over the general mix. When you choose to have your track mastered using stems, every channel is summed to our 32 channel summing mixer. Analogue summing is known for it’s amazing headroom and rich sound. The added benefit to stem mastering is we will eq and compress each stem precisely if needed using high end analogue SSL eqs, compressors. The difference a stem master makes is mind blowing.

Why Order Stem Mastering Instead Of Standard Mastering?

If you are generally unsure about the overall balance of the mix you have created, a stem master will allow the mastering engineer to take greater control of it than with your standard master. For instance if your kick is too loud and is causing the mix to be unbalanced in stem mastering we are able to correct this, as well as correcting any other stems that may not be correct in the mix. We keep all stem masters true to the original mix as to not effect the way you want your mix to sound.

How Do I Submit My Tracks?

  • Select Product Service here and add to cart.
  • Drop your file in the box to upload
  • Check your order and proceed to checkout.
  • Fill out necessary details, name and email address.
  • Accept terms and conditions and click place order.
  • You will now be directed to Paypal (credit cards accepted)
  • We will be in contact shortly after receiving your order.
  • Normal deliver within 3 work days or 24hour (paid option)

Additional information

Stem Count

4 stems, 8 stems, 12 stems

Mastering Media Type

CD (Wav), Vinyl (Wav), Online Streaming (iTunes, Spotify)


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